BTC Bottom ?

BTC probably bottomed … around $15,800ish, but due to high probability of Black Swan system shocks, Bitcoin COULD manifest a double bottom between $12K & $16K, Read More

Best Macro TA

Best Macro TA …& the BEST Explanation for Why “I’m Still Waiting” . . . You need to be a member to view this content. Read More

Standby for Final

Standby for Final (Re-Shoot & Edit …) Because, … we were trying to ’time the market’ whenTHIS Happened : :: I called the bottom on Read More

Happy New Year

Happy New Year In December we celebrated THREE Birthdays,and now (despite the mild weather), we’removing to a warmer AirBnB, closer to theCalifornia border for two months, Read More

2023 Forecast

2023 Forecast See Below intensity peaks in March & October Secret $20Trillion Bailout Explained Below DO NOT WATCH IF ANXIOUSThe Next Lockdown is Inbound